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ISO Training

About ISO Training

EAS also offers training to individuals who are interested in propagating ISO standards among businesses in their locality.

Our training will qualify you to become an auditor to audit the business processes and recommend companies and institutions for certification.

We follow the classroom lecture method of teaching and hence you can learn each concept well without any doubts.

Also, the training is conducted in such a way that you will be more motivated in the role as an auditor when you complete the training.

One of the biggest advantages is that you just have to take up the training once.

In other words, you needn’t take up the training regularly to renew your qualification as an auditor.

Only when ISO changes the standards or policies, you will have to attend another training course and until then you can keep practicing with the one training you took up from EAS.

All the training sessions are conducted by auditors who are well experienced in auditing and certifying companies in various fields.

Hence, you get the right knowledge during your training at EAS.

It also helps you get valuable and clear insights of your role as an auditor.

Interested in taking an online ISO training course? You can register today or contact us to learn about our self-learning courses and virtual classroom options. Refer to our frequently asked questions to learn more about our courses!